How To Take Care Of Waterfront Homes In Vanderbilt

Waterfront properties are in high demand for many reasons. First, they have gorgeous views that go on forever. Secondly, they have fantastic natural lighting and ventilation that’s to die for. However, waterfront properties need a lot of maintenance to remain in great shape for a long time. Here are some useful maintenance tips for waterfront homes in Vanderbilt.

  1. Keep The Sand Out

Most people love waterfront properties in Vanderbilt because they are very close to the beach. However, living in these homes means you will bring in a lot of sand. Your pets and kids don’t care to wash their feet before getting into the house. Well, that’s a massive problem because the sand will leave an enormous mess on the floor and also might damage your furniture.

You need to keep the sand out by covering the outdoor furniture when you are not using it. That way, you can avoid the wear and tear that comes with the blown-in sand. Even better, you should add a mud room where people can clean their shoes and feet before getting inside the house.

  1. Maintain Standard Humidity Levels

Considering that your home is very close to the lake, your waterfront home will become quite humid, especially during the hot summer months. If there is a lot of moisture from the high levels of humidity, you should find ways to clear it out. That’s because it will cause mildew, mold, and dust mites inside your home.

If not checked, the humidity will also make the paint peel and cause a lot of damage to your drywall. If possible, purchase a lot of dehumidifiers for your home to remove the humidity.

  1. Protect Your Home

As mentioned, if left unchecked, moisture can damage your home. You need to consider a few waterproofing tips to protect your home. You will save a lot of money with these prevention tips rather than waiting to handle all the repair projects. Even better, waterproofing your home will increase its value accordingly.

Make sure the exteriors are always waterproofed. For instance, if your surfaces are made up of the original word, you need to repaint and re-caulk every 4 to 5 years. However, you’re safe if your home’s exterior is made up of vinyl or aluminum, among other human-made materials. That’s because they require less maintenance and often last longer than the rest.

  1. Make Sure Your Home Is Storm-proofed

Living near any body of water means your home is more susceptible to environmental damage. You need to add extra defenses to keep your home safe when there is any storm. You need to repair the flashing and add flood vents to direct water outside your home. Also, you should build bulkheads that will act as barriers against water to protect your home in the event of a storm.

In conclusion, waterfront properties are lovely. However, without proper maintenance, they can start degrading very fast, and eventually you will lose your investment immediately. Take the time to handle these maintenance issues to make sure your home is safe.